A highly customisable platform

Alliance Messaging Hub enables the processing of financial message flows and integration with back office systems. Processing a large volume of messages every day, your organisation requires a messaging solution that offers high levels of availability, high performance, flexible flows and a modular structure.

Designed to provide all of these things, Alliance Messaging Hub (AMH) is a financial messaging platform for financial institutions and market infrastructures. Scalable and customisable, AMH supports your business activities, with message processing allowing you to connect to multiple networks around the world.

The platform offers seamless routing between different messaging services and has powerful integration capabilities. Using AMH, technical business experts can create their own business flows, transformations, report definitions and intricate business routing.

AMH is also built to perform under heavy message load, processing thousands of messages in a second. Features include an automatic failover mechanism, seamless recovery, automatic reconnection mechanism and auto retry functions. Easily extendable, the platform can provide additional services and protocols as your business develops.

Alliance Messaging Hub

How do you find a future-proof messaging solution?

Built for performance and resilience

Proven to perform under heavy message load, AMH takes advantage of the latest multi-core hardware to support your volumes – today and in the future.

Flexible and future-proof

AMH is easily extendable to provide more services and protocols, while a flexible workflow orchestration supports the most demanding data management needs.

Enabling your business operations

From bridging legacy applications to handling loosely coupled business flows, AMH is built to help you achieve a faster time to market for new services.

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Interfaces & Integration
Last update: 
21 September 2017

Credit Suisse Case Study

Credit Suisse achieves a technical renewal with Alliance Messaging Hub
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Interfaces & Integration
Last update: 
19 July 2016

AMH Case Study - KBC

KBC Bank experience major business benefits as a result of their new infrastructure with Alliance Messaging Hub at its...
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Alliance Messaging Hub
Last update: 
16 February 2016

A world class messaging platform from SWIFT - Alliance Messaging Hub

This premium messaging solution enables you to run your operations more efficiently, with a total cost of ownership...
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